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LENOVO IdeaPad Duet 3i 10.3″ 2 in 1 Laptop – Intel® Celeron®, 64 GB eMMC, Grey

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Technical specifications for LENOVO IdeaPad Duet 3i 10.3" 2 in 1 Laptop - Intel® Celeron®, 64 GB eMMC, Grey



2 in 1 Laptop

Operating system

Windows 10 S


4 GB DDR4 (2400 MHz)


- Intel® Celeron® N4020 Processor

- Dual-core

- 1.1 GHz / 2.8 GHz

- 4 MB cache


64 GB eMMC



Full HD 1920 x 1200p

Screen size


Screen features

- 340 nits

- 96% sRGB colour gamut

Screen type






- AC WiFi

- 2x2




Bluetooth 5.0


USB Type-C x 2

Audio connections

3.5 mm jack


Disc drive


Memory card reader




Included membrane Bluetooth keyboard (detachable with battery)

Mouse / trackpad



- HD 720p webcam (front)

- 5 MP camera (back)

Security features

- Admin password

- User password

- HD password

- User HD password

Other features



Battery type

2-cell Lithium-polymer

Battery life

Up to 9 hours


Audio software

Dolby Audio


Dual 1 W speakers



Graphite grey


0.866 kg


* Full version of anti-virus / internet security not included

Microsoft 365 Personal (1 year subscription) needs to be activated within 6 months


15.9 x 253 x 165 mm (H x W x D)

Additional information



SSD Capacity

64 GB

Most Suitable For

Casual Computing

Hard Drive Capacity

64 GB

Operating System

Windows 10 Home

Processor Speed

1.10 GHz





Storage Type



Intel Celeron



Screen Size

10.3 in

RAM Size

4 GB





Maximum Resolution

1920 x 1200


IdeaPad Duet 3i



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20 reviews for LENOVO IdeaPad Duet 3i 10.3″ 2 in 1 Laptop – Intel® Celeron®, 64 GB eMMC, Grey

  1. KPL

    Had my last Lenovo 6 years. Love the brand. This one is great. No problems.

  2. Questy

    My 3rd Lenovo. Overall, it’s quality. Quality feel, beautiful VHD screen which seems to have extra vertical dimension, but had a slightly warm light/redish/brownish tint which I had trouble getting color calibration to save. Turning off “Transparency Effects” in Settings definitely helped so it’s almost pure white. A bit heavy laptop at 7.6 lbs, despite being titled “light weight” but not a big deal. Battery life 2 weeks in looks maybe 3-4 hours which has been par for me. 16 GB Ram 11 slams the memory (92% yesterday) with about 100 tabs open in Chrome, unlike my 5-year old Windows 10, 16 GB Lenovo. This is not an issue with this PC but simply Windows 11 consumes at least 2-3 GB more RAM than Windows 10, so 16GB barely cuts it for me. I found a “tab suspender extension” which does help with some of the memory issues and makes it workable. However, I only exchanged this because I do use a lot of Chrome tabs, and I found the same model model with 32 GB RAM. When searching, that upgrade seems to be mostly grand more when filtering through Amazon, but I found basically the same model with 32 GB RAM for only $150 more. I found it on laptopmedia dotcom which links to Amazon. I just received it, and it’s the exact same laptop except double the RAM.

  3. Torrie Gray

    I love this computer! Great storage and super fast. Can run decent size games on it and maybe some big ones too

  4. Tony L

    This laptop works great. Fantastic battery life and the larger screen size is fantastic. I am very happy with this purchase.

  5. David

    Great item

  6. Swusa007

    I decided to replace my old desktop with a 17” laptop. The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 was very competitively priced and the quality seems great. Very slick design and very lightweight for a 17” laptop. The ram was very easy to upgrade to 16 GB. Boots up in seconds.

  7. Avi

    Its very fast and very responsive, looks good and preforms very well, i have it only one week but i can say its very good. made some installation on it plus cad/cam design software and its faster than my desktop pc with I7 gen 10 processor and16 GB ram.

  8. Nick

    Things I like:1. great i5-1235u processor (fast and efficient)2. supports 2 external displays (2560×1440 60hz and 1920×1080 60hz works just fine)(one through USB C displayport and another through HDMI)3. lots of ports in general4. build quality is pretty good even though this is a budget plastic laptop5. the 1080p IPS screen is actually really good, very little backlight bleed (a little dim overall though)6. keyboard is good7. privacy switch for webcam8. USB C charging in addition to barrel plug (thought I haven’t tested this)9. 8gb ram is soldered with 1 free SODIMM slot, making upgrading to 16gb easyThings I don’t like:1. Speakers are bad2. Trackpad is usable but not great. Clicks feel bad and are hard to actuate3. My unit did NOT come with an empty 2.5″ drive bay. This means to add more storage you will be replacing the m.2 drive the laptop comes with. I think most other Ideapad models have an empty 2.5″ drive bay.4. I thought battery life would be great due to the efficient CPU but it’s just okay. It has a small battery so battery life is only about 4-5 hours with regular web use (the dim screen means you will be running it at like 80% brightness, which is probably part of the reason the battery life isn’t so great)

  9. Wendyl Leslie

    I purchased this laptop for its size (17.5″), price, and the good reviews it received. Typically, in the past, whenever I purchased a new laptop, I had to jump through hoops and spend an inordinate amount to time just to set it up. But this laptop was a breeze to set up. I was greatly relieved. After using it for a couple of weeks, I have had no problems. The Internet is super fast, and it reacts seamlessly through other programs. I can’t recommend this laptop enough.

  10. sphere

    It took a little time to turn off enough of the vendor notifications and unnecessary Windows processes. But with an additional 8GB Ram, this seems like it will be a useful endpoint for browsing, reading, and light development & testing.

  11. twisted

    I like the feel of the keys and that there is a little more room between keys. The power is great, the speed is good and all work great. Thanks for making a quality product.

  12. Rene t.

    The picture quality is great and response time for our needs is perfect. We purchased the larger screen so works wonderful for an office computer. Very satisfied with this laptop.Rt

  13. AFAAFA

    Just bought this for my mom! She loves it! She is an awesome childbirth educator and has created a self paced online All-in-One prenatal course for pregnant and new moms. She will be using the Lenovo to: make more online courses, for posting videos on her You Tube channel – Humsa Prenatals, for social media, promotion and marketing of her courses, and for her website Humsa Prenatals dot com. She says that the screen is clear and wide, loves the key board, she was able to connect it to an external LG monitor with a HDMI cable. She just wishes there were more ports. She is using one port for a Logitech unifying receiver, that leaves only one port for her USB drive. She would have to buy a Multi port hub. She loves the sleek appearance. The grey silver color is pleasing to the eye. The keys are visible. The base got heated up hence she has put it up on plastic lids so that it is elevated. That helped. The webcam can be hidden by just moving a slider, what a relief! All in all, a good buy. She hopes it will last her for years to come.

  14. Michael B.

    I5 1235u has plenty of power and it semi upgradable, draws back are that it on has one NVMe, so you will have to clone the drive to upgrade you storage, it come with 8gb dd4 soldered to the board and one slot for expansion. add a extra stick of ddr4, greatly improves over performance.Great for med range gaming also,

  15. Larry C.

    Like the big screen. Had another Lenovo before this one. Finally broke down. Got lots of use from it. Highly recommend this product.

  16. Walter Martinez

    Great PC for work and low-mid gaming

  17. Eric

    Price vs Quality, great!!! Perfect laptop for work, has a big screen and it’s relatively fast. I’m happy with my new laptop!!!

  18. reviewer

    I did not really like this laptop but I gave it five stars because for the price I paid of $380 it was beyond anything anyone could expect. The 17-in screen is large and perfectly fine. The laptop itself is thin and light for a 17-in laptop and looks really good. The memory is very easy to upgrade and you can get it to 40 GB if you pay $75 or so for a 32 GB dimm to put in there. But the idea that this is a six core chip is really deceptive. I mean I guess the technically has six scores but it behaves like an Intel four core laptop chip from 4 years ago. I think they don’t give the chip enough power or something I don’t know to save battery maybe? but don’t think that you’re going to get the same performance that you would get from a current desktop AMD ryzen 6 core chip. it’s not going to be the same at all.

  19. Amazon Customer

    I use it for work, movies and YouTube budeos

  20. Danielle Kimball

    I purchased this laptop last month, and I absolutely love it. It is lightweight, yet very sturdy. It has a backlit keyboard with buttons that are like “magic”, smooth and easy to type on, and quickly too. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the camera. I’ve done a couple of zoom calls and the quality seems very poor/low. I looked very white/pale and the quality wasn’t super clear. Luckily I don’t need the camera/webcam that often. As a personal laptop computer it rocks, and I can’t recommend it enough!!

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